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                       Ministry Director: Sis. Judith Gilbert

The Hospitality Department strives to make each person's worship experience meaningful and pleasant. From bulletin distribution to seat assignment, their role ensures order in the sanctuary in addition to caring for new members and coordinating efforts to encourage social fellowship.

The most valuable earthly possession a person can have is a warm, supportive friendship. People without relationships are miserable people, but relationships cannot be purchased. They arise from our innermost needs, grounded in our God-given ability to love and care for others. A growing, healthy church nurtures healthy relationships. 

Duties of the Hospitality Team 

The hospitality team includes the following duties: 

Study and preparation. Development of a deeper understanding of Christian hospitality and the supporting skills requires study in a small support group. The hospitality team should meet once a month or once a quarter. It is important to spend time in caring for one another and in spiritual nurture through Bible study and prayer in order to be able to really love and care for others. 

Taking care of visitors.  Organize a system for visitor hospitality which will provide follow-up for their needs as appropriate. This usually includes providing a Sabbath meal. In smaller churches, this function may include the greeter activities on Sabbaths. It also means contacting each visitor, listening to each man and woman, and doing the things they need and expect in order to feel cared for by your congregation. The tradition of a festive Sabbath dinner, with animated conversation and rich fellowship is key to this, but no group activity can replace individual ministry. 

Caring for new membersThere is a special need for a system of hospitality for prospective and new members, as well as members with special needs, which will integrate them into the fellowship of the church. This may take many forms and may overlap to some extent with other activities in your congregation. It could include a pastor’s Bible class, a new member class, home Bible study groups, a special fellowship dinner for new members once or twice a year, visitation and personal ministry, or the assignment of a special friend or “spiritual helper.” 

Coordination. You must promote and cooperate with efforts to encourage social fellowship among church members as a whole. What is the relationship between your hospitality ministry and the social committee of the church or the small group ministry? You need to settle these questions in discussions with the other leaders involved and work together with them in building the total program of your congregation. In this meeting there will be time for group study and discussion of a Bible passage about hospitality, sharing of experiences and blessings, and scheduling teams. ​