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Single Adult Ministries
Single Adult Ministries is a fellowship that provides the opportunity and encouragement to single adults (whether never married, divorced, or widowed) for getting acquainted with other singles for the purpose of reflecting, discussing issues, studying God’s Word, singing, praying, interacting, resting, traveling, and enjoying God’s great outdoors.

The goal is to assist singles in viewing their needs as opportunities that can be faced and met successfully in Christ and to love each other as God loves us.

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Duties of the Singles Coordinator 

The duties of a person when he or she becomes a coordinator of singles ministries in the church will include the following duties. 

1. Form a CommitteeFind responsible people who will help plan and develop activities and programs. Keep in mind when choosing committee members that the adult singles need to "own" their ministry in order for it to be relevant to their needs. Other important aspects of your ministry will be to brainstorm, develop friendship in the committees, and delegate responsibilities in a way that involves as many individuals as possible in the program. 

2. Bible StudyA ministry to single adults must include Bible teaching which may take place in a large or small group situation, or maybe both. Small group Bible studies can meet during Sabbath School and be recognized as a Sabbath School class, or meet as a Home Bible Fellowship, or a midweek meeting at the church. Large group activities might take the form of a monthly Singles Fellowship where Bible study would not be the only item on the agenda. 

3. Involve Singles in the Worship ServiceLook for ways to help the singles in the church to become part of the worship services and contribute to a spirit of commitment among the members of the church. 

4. Plan Entry EventsYou will need to help the church plan entry events and build pathways that will attract new members, specifically single members, and nurture their growing faith. A divorce recovery seminar, a single parent workshop, and other seminar packages are available. 

5. AttitudesHelp the congregation and its leaders develop a non-judgmental, open and accepting attitude. Focus on how to minister to singles in the situations in which they are found. The question is "What can be done now?" Rather than, "What happened?" or "Why did you do what you did to get yourself into this?"